The work of Julia Krahn seeks the permeability of the sight between the artist’s and the observer’s identity. Daily objects, symbols, traces of the past are redefined here through photographic images. Her works are therefore characterized by fluid ambiguity: the artist is interested in crystallizing the fragments of a secret and real private scenario and transforming it from a liquid to a solid state, rather than simply narrating a story or recording the passing of time. The artist reflects upon lost and unbalanced values in society, family and religion so far as pointing her camera towards images that recall Christian icons. She creates images that underline the contrast with traditional symbols and she works on inner conflicts, framing pairs of opposites, at times creating self-portraits with the automatic shutter release using her own body.

In Krahn’s work, equal importance is given to image and format on a range of works that are developed on different scales and supports creating an overall feeling that, from time to time, leads the observer into new perceptions of the image. Her giant wallpapers with all the strength of an image without supports, glass or frames overbear the observer, physically overlook him, acquiring pictorial features which, like huge frescos, break the distance between the observer and the ambient. At the same time, the artist combines the space with small unique pieces, such as the metal frame cameos, which, unlike the wallpapers, set up a face to face dialogue with the viewer, involving him with the preciousness of the object and its perception. Likewise, ‘memories’ is a series of photos/objects mounted on a thick acrylic glass which acts as a lens to the image, leading the mind to the dimension of the souvenirs. In this context, the artist inserts more classical formats, like framed pictures created using more traditional supports.

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  • SchönerHeit, Marktkirche Hanover, in collaboration with Hanns Lilje Stiftung und Anna-von-Borries Stiftung, Germany. Catalogue
  • Figura, July 29 + September 23, in collaboration with Stiftung St. Matthäus and Land Brandenburg, Bad Wilsnack, Germany. Catalogue
  • Song Song Stills, February – May, Antonella Cattani Contemporary, Bolzano, Italy. Catalogue
  • SchönerHeit – Song of Song in Pictures, in collaboration with Anna-von-Borries Fondazione, Gotinga, Bremerhaven, Berlin, Hanover, Germany. Catalogue
  • Sirens – Improvisation und Video, Maximilian Schnaus (Orgel) und MMW (Cello), November 7th , Sophienkirche, Berlin, Germany
  • Julia Krahn – It might have been a pigeon, Museo Diocesano di Milano, Milan, Italy, Catalogue
  •  Trust ME, HdKK, Stuttgart, Germany. Catalogue
  • Sirens, ( 1st price ceremony ) 100³ Art Hotel Gran Paradiso 2013, Sorrento, Italy
  • Beyond Belief, Museo Civici, Imola, IT
  • Leidenschaften, St. Matthew’s Foundation, St. Matthew’s Church, Berlin, DE
  • Mother Loves You, Voice Gallery, Marrakech, MC
  • Lilies and linen, Antonella Cattani Contemporary Art, Bolzano, IT
  • MIA – Milan Image Art Fair, Carlotta Testori Studio, Milan, IT
  • Angelus Militans – Nunc Instantis, Carlotta Testori Studio, Milan, IT
  • Ja, Ich Will, ZirKumflex, Berlin, DE
  • Io ed Il Treno, Sottopasso. Arte in volo, Stazione Ferroviaria Domodossola Artspace, Domodossola, IT
  • Engelstueck, Galleria Magrorocca, Milan, IT
  • Sibirisches Kind, Chiesa di St.Josef e Fronleichnam, Aquisgrana, DE
  • Dinied Childhood, Suermondt-Ludwigforum Museum, Aquisgrana, DE
  • The creation of memory, Galleria Magrorocca, Milan, IT
  • O, Galleria Openmind, Milan, IT
  • Frutta Secca, Koboo, Milan, IT
  • Eiapopaia_ninnananna, Galleria Openmind, Milan, IT
  • B4 and after, B4, Milan, IT
  • Von Gaensen und Elephanten, Tufanostudio25, Milan, IT
  • Schatten, Galleria Openmind, Milan, IT
  • Ego-ist-ich, Fresco-Art, Milan, IT
  • Sola-io, Cargo, Milan, IT
  • PHEST – Festival internazionale di Arte e Fotografia, Monopoli, Italy
  • Biennale Do Ut Do – La Morale dei Singoli, curated by Andrea Viliani, Palestra Grande – Parco Archeologico degli Scavi di Pompei, Pompei, Italy .Catalogue
  •  Il passaggio di Enea. Contesto Ucraino, Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Catalogue
  • Vulgata 77, curated by Johannes Rauchenberger + Birgit Kita, Bischöfliche Dommuseum, Mainz, Germany
  • 33MM – pixel > Do Ut Do – Preview x Artefiera, Archiginnasio Bologna, Italy
  • Corpo a corpo, Università Cattolica, Milan, Italy. CatalogueICEA – Soundlines of Contemporary Art, Hayart, Yerevan, Armenia. Catalogue
  •  Watch your Bubble! Gallerie Nord – Kunstverein Tiergarten Berlin, Germany. Catalogue
  •  ICEA – Soundlines of Contemporary Art, Hayart, Yerevan, Armenia. Catalogue
  • Hinsehen. Reinhören. curated by Alexander Ochs, Kleiner Michel Hamburg. Germany. EXHIBITION CENSORED!!
  • Kunst Trotz(t) Ausgrenzung, Kassel, Germany. Catalogue
  • Small things:good things, Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin, Germany
  • OBLIO – ne me quitte pas on occasion of ArtOnTime and RomaEUROPAFESTIVAL, Palazzo Trevisan, Venice + Palazzo degli Esposizioni Rome, Italy. Catalogue
  • Vulgata,Kulturzentrum der Minoriten, Graz, Austria. Catalogue
  • Sequela, Ex-San Mattia in collaboration with Polo Museale Emilia Romagna, Bologna, Italy. Catalogue
  • SEIN.ANTLITZ.KÖRPER. curated by Alexander Ochs, St. Marien and St.Pius in Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany. Catalogue
  • Mittendrin. Der gemeinsame Weg zur Inklusion  – Akademie Graz, GrazMuseum, Graz, Austria. Catalogue
  • Observation without an Observer, curated by Mira Gacina and Dejan Budjevac, National Gallery of Macedonia, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Catalogue
  • Luther Reicht Nicht!, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren, Kaufbeuren, Germany
  • La Sfida di Aracne, March 31st – May 13th, Nuova Galleria Morone, Milan, Italy. Catalogue
  • Kunst trotz(t) Handicap, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig + Dokumentahalle Kassel, Germany. Catalogue
  • Madonna Woman-Mother-Idol, Landesmuseum Hanover , October 16th  2015 – February 21st 2016, Hanover, Germany. Catalogue
  • Rabenmütter, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, October 23rd  2015 – February 21st 2016, Linz, Austria. Catalogue
  • Reliqte Reloaded, Kulturzentrum der Minoriten, September 25th  2015 – October 18 th 2015, Graz, Austria. Catalogue
  • Nutrimentum, , Museo Castelvecchio, June 5th  2015 – August 30th 2015, Verona, Italy. Catalogue
  • Last Supper, Fondazione Stelline, April 15th  2015 – May 1ost 2016, Milano, Itlay. Catalogue
  • Viaggio in Germania,December 6th – January 11th, Ex Tribunale of Susa, Turin, Italy. Catalogue
  • Spaping Private Demons, August 15th – 17thBiennale of Contemporary Art, Oggiogno, Italy
  • 1st prize / Award ceremony  : 100 3,  Art Hotel Gran Paradiso, Sorrento, IT
  • Dimenticare a Memoria, Museo della Commenda, Genoa, IT
  • 100 3,  Art Hotel Gran Paradiso, Sorrento, IT
  • Seelenwäsche, Cultural Centre of the Minorites, Graz, AU
  • Premio Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Villa Brandolini, Solighetto, IT
  • Premio Combat Prize 2012, Museo Civico, Livorno, IT
  • Fiori di Lavanda Onlus, auction in cooperation with Christies, Palazzo Clerici, Milan, IT
  • Art Verona, Antonella Cattani Contemporary Art, Verona, IT
  • Marrakech Art Fair, Voice Gallery, Marrakech, MC
  • Tra Cielo e Terra, auction in cooperation with Christies for Fondazione Paideia, Bologna – Torino – Firenze, IT
  • Sebben che siamo donne, Palazzo Libera, Villa Lagarina, IT
  • Sottopasso / Arte in Volo, Sala Fondazione Rosmini, Domodossola, IT
  • Pulsiones, Patricia Conde Galerìa, Mexico City, MX
  • Difraccion, Patricia Conde Galerìa, Mexico City, MX
  • IMAF Mangia l’Artre, Teatro Dal Verme, Milan, IT
  • IMAF Mangia l’Artre, Galleria Centro Studio Lattuada, Milan, IT
  • IMAF Mangia l’Artre, La Mama Gallery, New York, US
  • IMAF Mangia l’Artre, Centro Culturale Italiano, Los Angeles, US
  • Mutter, Centro Culturale dei Minoriti, Graz, AU
  • Volta6 Basilea, Galleria Magrorocca, Basel, SW
  • Giorni Felici, Casa Testori, Novate Milanese, IT
  • Mangia le prugne, Villa d’Erba, Cernobbio, IT
  • Suspence, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, IT
  • Zona Maco Messico, Galleria Magrorocca, Mexico City, MX
  • Il Resto del Tempo, Castello Visconti di Jerago, Orago, Varese, IT
  • Delicate Nature, Artspace, Milan, IT
  • Duedinovembre, Artintown, Turin, IT
  • Biennial of Theran, Berlin, DE
  • Premio de Fotografía CCM, Centro Cultural de Caja Castilla-La Mancha, Barcelona, SP
  • Le Book, London, UK
  • Biennale di Tehran. Call For Art Urban Jealousie, Koksal, Istanbul, TR
  • Il corpo lo sa, Galleria d’Arte Stragapedeperini, Milan, IT
  • NNM.Reload, 33 Artists / 33Artworks / 3 Hours / 33 Minutes exhibition Chapter One, Noname
  • Magazine in cooperation with Vanda Catucci
  • Arte e Potere: La Bellezza (Im)Potente, Premio Artivisive San Fedele, Milan, IT
  • Rooms, MiArt, Galleria Magrorocca, Milan, IT
  • HUB_Session, Ripa di Porta Ticinese, Milan, IT
  • Strandgut, videoprojection on the occasion on Notte Bianca, Milan, IT
  • Conflitti Contemporanei, Galleria Grazia Neri, Milan, IT
  • Want you, yokeandzoom, London UK, Tokyo JP
  • Strandgut, Video for Unimovie, Museo di città Sant Angelo, Pescara, IT
  • Mistobosco, MiArt, Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan, IT
  • Povero Buio, Galleria del Barcon, Milan, IT
  • Galleria Artistudio-Galleria d’Arte, Milan, IT
  • Installazione, Shocking, Milan, IT
  • Galleria Artistudio-Galleria d’arte, Milan, IT
  • Galleria del Barcon, Milano, IT
  • Self-ich, Rave, Milano, IT
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